Gates of Olympus Slot Review

Gates of Olympus Slot Review


  • Fun and unique multiplier
  • Similar interface to the ever-popular Sweet Bonanza slot


  • Very high volatility
  • Low ceiling on the max win

The newest slot machine from Pragmatic Play, one of the top game developers in the industry, is Gates of Olympus. This high-variance slot incorporates many of the same game mechanics and design elements found in other acclaimed Pragmatic Play titles such as Sweet Bonanza.

However, Gates of Olympus puts its own unique spin on the formula with an ancient Greek mythology theme and the potential for huge payouts during bonus rounds. Players who enjoy the thrill of volatility will want to give this exciting new offering from Pragmatic Play a spin.

Slot Setup and Betting Options

Gates of Olympus invites players to bet anywhere from 0.20 to 100 credits per round, catering to varying bankroll sizes. With 5 rows and 6 reels in the base game, there are ample opportunities for wins to cascade down the grid.

The mobile optimisation also allows for intense, on-the-go gameplay – you can wage war against the gods and vie for fortune’s favour whether at home or out and about with full mobile compatibility. Wherever you choose to play, Gates of Olympus and its high volatility provide no shortage of gripping entertainment.

gates of olympus online slot review screenshot 1

Visuals and Greek Mythology

True to its name, Gates of Olympus immerses players in the realm of Greek mythology. The powerful god Zeus presides over the reels, occasionally demonstrating his might by sending lightning bolts crashing down to trigger bonuses and big wins.

Vibrant symbols like winged sandals, chariots, and goblets keep the gameplay lively alongside animated characters from legend. The visuals pop with colour to complement the fast-paced excitement. With vivid graphics and smooth animations straight from the pages of classical folklore, Gates of Olympus is a modern slot with an ancient spirit.

The reels of Gates of Olympus showcase both abstract and thematic symbols. Lower-value shapes like green triangles, red squares, purple diamonds, blue pentagons and yellow hexagons make up the minor symbols. Major symbols pull directly from Greek lore, with elegant chalices, dazzling rings, sand timers, and bejewelled crowns rounding out the higher end of the paytable.

Gates of Olympus RTP + Volatility

According to Pragmatic Play’s proprietary volatility index, Gates of Olympus clocks in at a 5/5 rating, denoting extremely high variance. As such, payouts occur less frequently than lower volatility slots, but are proportionally larger when they hit.

The default return-to-player percentage for Gates of Olympus stands at a reasonable 96.50%, though this can vary. Pragmatic Play empowers operators to configure RTP within a range, so players may find the same game with marginally lower payout rates at some casinos. However, the high-octane gameplay remains intact regardless of minor RTP fluctuations. Those seeking infrequent yet significant wins will appreciate the sky-high variance ratings for Gates of Olympus.

Gates of Olympus Slot Features

The Gates of Olympus slot comes with the following features:

  • Wild symbols
  • Scatter symbols
  • Multipliers
  • Free Spins

Though Pragmatic Play is known for crafting slots with straightforward gameplay, Gates of Olympus bucks that trend by packing in plenty of bonus features. This epic game invites players to unlock not just one but three different bonus rounds, each with its own gameplay and prizes. From free spins to tumbling reels and more, Gates of Olympus provides an action-packed experience. Below we detail the trio of bonuses that set this slot apart from standard Pragmatic Play fare and contribute to the exciting journey players can embark upon when they pass through the Gates of Olympus. With so many chances for bonuses and special features, every spin carries the potential for thundering wins.

Multiplier Symbols

While playing Gates of Olympus, random symbol drops may display multipliers ranging from 2x to 500x. When these marked symbols participate in winning combinations, the multiplier values are tallied and applied to boost the payout at the conclusion of the cascade sequence. Having multiple boosted symbols in a single tumble can lead to immense multiplied prizes. With the potential to see modifiers up to 500x on a single symbol, just one or two lucky drops in a winning reaction can rapidly amplify rewards in a major way. The multipliers add an extra layer of anticipation and excitement to every spin, as any symbol could unlock a fortune with the right multiplier attached.

Free Spins

In true video slot fashion, Gates of Olympus comes equipped with a free spins round triggered by landing 3 to 6 scatter symbols. The number of scatters determines the free spin allotment and multiplier applied to the triggering bet – 3 scatters awards 15 spins and 3x, 4 scatters gifts 15 spins and 5x, while 5 or 6 scatters grants 15 free spins and a whopping 100x multiplier.

The free spins feature a twist – multipliers are applied globally instead of to individual symbols. Any multiplier values on the reels will boost payouts from all winning combinations for that spin. Better still, the multipliers remain locked in place throughout the bonus rather than resetting, allowing players to accumulate insane multiplier values should the reels cooperate. With global multipliers ascending as high as 500x, the free spins round packs tremendous winning potential with every liberating spin.

gates of olympus slot bonus feature

Ante Bet

Gates of Olympus includes Pragmatic Play’s signature Ante Bet feature which boosts the standard bet amount by 25% in exchange for more frequent access to bonuses. Activating the Ante Bet adds extra scatter symbols to the reels, significantly increasing the odds of triggering the free spins mode. According to Pragmatic Play, the Ante Bet effectively doubles players’ chances of entering the bonus round despite only requiring a 25% larger total wager. Considering the tremendous earning potential during free spins, the minimal ante investment gives a worthwhile advantage for bonus-hunting players. With more scatter symbols in the mix, the path to Olympus opens up more readily, letting players ascend to the lucrative bonus with fewer spins thanks to a modest ante.

Gates of Olympus Review Summary

Gates of Olympus utilizes Pragmatic Play’s popular “scatter pays” system in which symbols pay out regardless of their position on the grid. Rather than requiring traditional left-to-right line ups, any cluster of matching symbols counts as a winning combination. This mechanic provides more flexibility for forming wins since symbols don’t need to occupy specific reels.

Much like the hit game Sweet Bonanza that also employs scatter pays, the more liberating payout structure has proven widely enjoyable for players in Gates of Olympus too. Removing the rigidity of standard paylines allows wins to flow more freely and frequently. Scatter pays are a natural fit for the tumbling reels format as well, letting wins cascade down with greater freedom.

The Highs and the Lows

While clearly inspired by Sweet Bonanza, Gates of Olympus manages to up the ante with bolder multipliers topping out at 500x. Though the maximum payout remains at 5,000x, the higher multipliers make hitting epic wins more viable during regular play. That said, with such lofty multipliers in the mix, we would have liked to see an even higher ceiling, perhaps 10,000x or more for true godlike rewards.

An advantage Gates of Olympus touts over its predecessor is that multipliers appear in both the base game and free spins. However, this diminishes the distinction between the two modes somewhat since the core mechanic is accessible either way. More free spins or a higher max win during the bonus might further differentiate it from standard play. Overall though, the 500x multipliers are a welcome addition for precipitously scaling up wins during cascades. Gates of Olympus takes the addictive tumbling reels formula to the next level.

Should you Play Gates of Olympus Slot?

In total, Gates of Olympus represents another quality title in Pragmatic Play’s stellar lineup. With gorgeous visuals, seamless mobile optimization, and major win potential, this volatile slot hits all the right notes to appeal to a wide range of players. The ancient Greek theme is brought to life vividly across the reels and bonus features.

Though not revolutionary, Gates of Olympus demonstrates Pragmatic’s proficiency for crafting solid, enjoyable games that keep players coming back. When it officially launches later this month, there’s little doubt Olympus will claim its seat among the top titles from this leading developer. For slot enthusiasts craving big thrills and wins worthy of Zeus himself, heading through the Gates is a must.

Gates of Olympus Slot FAQs

What bonuses and features does the Gate of Olympus Slot have?

Gates of Olympus incorporates two key features for boosting payout potential. Randomly, symbols may appear tagged with multipliers ranging from 2x to 500x. When these marked symbols contribute to wins, their multiplier is applied to scale up the cascade payout. Additionally, landing 3+ scatters triggers 15 free spins where multipliers apply globally rather than to individual symbols. All multipliers present during a winning reaction in the bonus will combine to massively boost total rewards. Instead of being isolated to specific symbols, multipliers in free spins upgrade all participating symbols.

Who is the developer of Gates of Olympus?

Bursting onto the scene in recent years, Pragmatic Play has rapidly risen to become a premier slot developer thanks to hit games like Sweet Bonanza. Their meteoric success story has taken them from relative obscurity to industry leader status in a short span. Now Pragmatic aims to continue their momentum with the bold new release Gates of Olympus.

What is the RTP for Gates of Olympus?

Gates of Olympus carries a baseline return-to-player percentage of 96.50%, a reasonably generous payout rate. However, Pragmatic Play allows operators flexibility in configuring the RTP within a range. This means some casinos may opt for a lower RTP version of Gates of Olympus if desired. Though 96.50% is an adequate default, the ability to downgrade the payback percentage is an unfortunate policy from PragmaticPlay. While potentially boosting profitability for operators, lower RTPs diminish the overall player experience and value.

What is the maximum win for Gates of Olympus?

In recent years, Pragmatic Play has been upping the thrill factor in their slots by dramatically increasing maximum win potential. Gates of Olympus follows suit, offering prizes up to a heavenly 5,000x bet size per spin! Hitting the absolute ceiling is a herculean feat, but wins in the 500-1,000x range seem within the realm of possibility.

Gates of Olympus Key Information

Software Game developerPragmatic Play
Slot Type The category a game falls into based on its specific characteristics or features.Video Slot
Max Win The max win potential of your bet sizeX5,000
Available in the UK? Does the developer have a UKGC license to offer their game at UK licensed online casinosYes
Paylines The total count of lines that can generate a winning sequence.5
Reels The total count of spinning reels included in the game6
Min Bet The lowest number of coins allowed for each line.£0.20 (GBP)
Max Bet The highest number of coins allowed for each line.e£100 (GBP)
RTP The estimated percentage of all wagered money that will be paid back to players over time, as provided by the game’s developer.96.5%
Bonus Game Supplementary games inside online slots, usually triggered by landing particular symbol patterns (e.g., three scatter symbols) or occurring spontaneously.Yes
Progressive A grand prize or jackpot that grows with each wager, accumulating across the provider’s network or multiple casinos that offer the game.No
Scatter Symbol Unique symbols that perform different roles depending on the game, such as triggering Free Spins rounds.Yes
Multiplier Increases winnings by a specific predetermined amount.Yes
Free Spins Provides a set number of extra Free Spins as a bonus, often activated by achieving a specific count of Scatter symbols.Yes
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